In The Spotlight: Erik Johnson's Virtual Gallery - Http://edk//erik/skbooks.htm

Introducing the best of the net in Internet galleries! Erik Johnson has created a unique gallery display of sketchbooks he has been creating over the years. One of the most intriguing sketches I found at Erik's site titled, The Veil - (from Sketchbook 2 page 74), depicts a mythological unicorn next to a smaller serpent. Erik has created this excellent sketch with incredible use of the elements of art, and line. Ribbons created with whimsical lines dance above the unicorn, almost substituting for clouds as they twist and float across a circular moon. Using a combination of crosshatching and whimsical lines, Erik breathes life into this mythological depiction. The most intriguing portion of the sketch focuses upon the unicorn's chest, where Erik has integrated the facial features of a woman with almost a cubism result. The face is hidden through the lack of contrast between the textural lines of the features and the textural lines of the grassy landscape. My interpretation leads me to believe that the face was integrated as a representation of the hidden beauty and strength of the unicorn; taking on a supernatural appearance. When compared to the unicorn alone, the serpent appears to be stronger and more fierce. However, when placed up against (both visually and metaphorically) the woman's face, the serpent appears to be shrinking back in fear rather than projecting his chest in fortitude. This sketch is merely one of many great pieces you'll find at Erik's site. The site design is extraordinary; portraying the sketchbooks so accurately you're almost convinced you're actually looking through the real thing. Erik states: ". . . I began to focus more on quality as opposed to quantity, only drawing when motivated." And it shows! Kudos to Erik for creating a virtual gallery unlike any I've ever seen.
Your Guide and Editor, Sherry Schuller
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